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Skin Pincher Clamps - 4 Clamps - OUCH Really Pinch $7.99
Set of FOUR

WOW, What are Skin Pincher Clamps?  They are very tight fitting clamps that will pinch the folds of your skin.  These clamps open up to an impressive 1" so they give you LOTS of options on how and where they can be used.
Colors may vary.  Each 4 pack will have 4 different colors.

These clamps have an overall length of 3 1/4" and the head of them are about 3/4" round with a few teeth to keep them from slipping off. They even have a round magnet on them so you
can throw them on your refrigerator to keep them handy or use them to seal up your bag of chips.  We offer these for convenience of ordering and if you look around at your local stores you may find them a bit cheaper but we try to be your one stop toy store. 

We all know it is classic to have a well spanked bottom stand in the corner after their spanking.  Attaching a couple of Skin Pincher Clamps to the ruby red bottom will send them over the edge.   Take a little fold of skin and attach the clamp.  The burning and stinging will start immediately. 

Please be sure to use caution when you first start out using your clamps.  Do not leave them on for extended periods of time.  Start slow until you get a feel for how they will affect your partner. 

We do our best to keep this site as clean as we can so we can't show you all the fun uses but we are sure you can use your imagination.
  Play Safe, Always and All Ways

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CANE-IAC provides the consenting adult community with quality, handcrafted, leather straps, rattan canes, schoolhouse canes, wooden paddles, floggers and whips, acrylic paddles, Delrin canes, blindfolds, gags and so much more.

Please Play Safe and thank you for visiting CANE-IAC.

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