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Erotic Body Flogger - Assorted Colors 18" - $24.99
Erotic Body Flogger
Assorted Colors
18" - 20 Falls
please pick color at bottom of page
As soon as we made the EROTIC BODY FLOGGER they became very popular and spankos love the design and price.

Everyone is looking for a great warm-up or cool-down implement that will extend and enhanceErotic Flogger a good spanking session and we made these floggers with just that in mind.  You can use these floggers ALL over most parts of the body.  They are incredibly soft.  You can almost use them as hard as you want and not cause much pain but boy-oh-boy does it feel good, nice and erotic.  It is great to start out your session or for a nice ending to a good hard spanking.   These also great to use on the breasts.

Our Exotic Body Floggers are made with premium chap suede leather and our great 6" handle. Each flogger has 20 falls that are about 1/4" to 3/8" wide and average a length of 18", some a bit longer and a few shorter.  We cut the ends into a rag cut, this means that
the ends vary in lengths slightly and are not all uniform.  You are able to customize them any way you want, some cut them straight across and even out the length of all of them, others like to cut them into a point, while others use nail clippers to trim them more rounded.  We prefer to leave them as they are, a rag cut, nice and natural.

CANE MASTER TIP:  If you are looking to enhance the sting of this flogger, let the last 3 or 4 inches of the falls soak in water for a minute or two, not much more.   Take them out of the water, give them a quick wipe and let the flogging begin.  The added water will really increase the sting.  Be sure to hang your flogger to dry fully before storing it after your session.  You can also tie a knot in the end of each fall and that will also enhance the sting or "bite".

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