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Exotic Mighty Might - Bloodwood 3" x 9" x 1/2" $19.99
3" x 9" x 1/2"
The EXOTIC MIGHTY MIGHT paddles are awesome go anywhere paddles that really pack a punch.   The are small, very easy to pack or store and are made with the highest quality exotic hardwoods.  

We make the Exotic Mighty Mights with what we think are three distinct exotic hardwoods; Bloodwood, Cordia-Bocote and Wenge.  To read more about the different woods see the bottom of this page.  They are approximately 9" long and 3 1/2" wide with a spanking area of about 4" x 3 1/2", just right for a very firm OTK session.  We cut our custom textured handle down to 4" for these paddles making it easy to fit in the hand while giving you more spanking area. A lot of people describe these as a Bald Man's Hairbrush.

If you are looking for a high quality paddles made with exotic woods then one of these are a must for your toy bag.  Not our cheapest paddles but we think well worth the price.
Its compact size makes it easy to use and awesome for a good OTK paddling.  We are sure you will enjoy this paddle.  All of them have  a nice wood grain and they are finished with a glossy Polyurethane.
We must caution you, get ready for screams and tears.  These paddles pack a sting.

Sasha giving Violet a taste of the Mighty Might

 About our Exotic Woods:


  • Also Known As :  Blood wood, cardinal wood, satine
  • Scientific Name:  Brosimum Rubescens, Brosimum Paraense
  • Source:  South America 
  • Color:  Pale Red or orange to deep Red and Rose color with some yellow stripes
  • Pattern:  Strait or minimally wavy, fine Grain
  • Similar to: Brazilwood
  • Uses: Furniture, Cabinetry, Boats, Inlay, Decorative Boxes, Wood turning, humidors, pool cues, wood for knife handles

Bloodwood also know as cardinal wood is a rich and lustrous wood with a fine grain that makes it a natural choice for woodworkers. It rich color lends itself to decorative boxes and humidors as well as cabinetry and inlay for projects such as pool cues. This exotic wood darkens over time and thus is often given a finish and kept out of direct light to help the wood retain its rose color.  It is found throughout much of South America including Argentina, Brazil, Peru and Venezuela.


The Tree: Millettia Laurentii Family
Wenge is a member of the great tree producing family, Leguminosae and comes from Zaire and other small countries of West Africa. There are about 40 species of Millettia, many of them tropical vines and shrubs. The tree variety can attain heights of 90 feet with a bole as large as 3-4 feet in diameter.

Wood Description:
The heartwood is dark brown, almost black. On the quartersawn surface, fine pencil-thin, light tan lines interspersed with blackish brown stripes make the surface appear as if it has been stroked by the fine claws of some wild jungle animal. On the tangential surface, the light lines show up as undulating streaks, like waves on the water. Orientation of the grain is an important consideration to show the wood at its best. Wenge is straight grained, and very coarse textured, similar to the slivers from bamboo flooring.

Weight: Averages 55 lbs. per cubic foot.


Trade or Common Name:  Bocote, cordia, light American cordia, freijo
Local Name:  Laurel
Botanical Name:  Cordia alliodora
Family: Boraginaceae

The Tree:  Bocote is a large canopy tree, with some specimens in the natural rainforest reaching up to 120 feet tall and 3 feet in diameter, with a straight cylindrical bole above a narrow buttress.

Status:  Sought for its beauty for both the local and international markets, Bocote has become quite rare in many parts of its original range.

The Wood:  Bocote is a particularly fine, beautiful wood, with colors varying from light to golden brown and variegated irregular markings. It has an attractive ray fleck figure if quartersawn. Bocote is a strong lustrous wood, with medium and uniform texture and straight or shallowly interlocked grain. It is easy to work, responds well to both hand and machine tools, is easily glued, and takes nails and screws well. It also polishes to a smooth finish, and stains and glues well. Bocote's bending strength is comparable to teak, and compression strength is comparable to mahogany. It is highly resistant to insects.


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