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IMPALER JR Sapphire - 20+" Double Purpose Cane - $31.99 "IMPALE HER" - NOW only $24.99

The IMPALER is a dual purpose piece that is sure to bring HOURS of hard hitting hurtful fun followed by some very erotic private pleasures.  You will need to let your imagination run wild with what the erotic pleasure is. 

First, this is a hard hitting Delrin Cane with an overall length of 20".  The Impaler Jr handle is about 6 1/2" and the Delrin Cane is 15" making it a very versatile piece.  It can be used for both OTK and other positions with ease.  The white Delrin Rod is 3/8" thick and that gives it some nice flexibility.

Second is the IMPALER handle.  Maybe we should be calling this "IMPALE HER".  This is made from 1" thick clear-cast blue Acrylic rod and is about 6 1/2" long.  If you measure the girth, distance around the piece, you will find it to be about 3 1/2" at the widest.  The Cane Mistress says it is a great size, not to big.  Each IMPALER handle is sanded and polished to a glass smooth finish, making it very easy to keep clean and sanitized.  We must say when used as a cane, the IMPALER handle feels awesome in your hand.

The IMPALER can be easily cleaned and sanitized and can even be put in a dishwasher.

Each IMPALER comes with a cloth case to keep the IMPALER handle looking good for years to come.

So how best to use the IMPALER?  Start off by bending them over for a good strong delrin caning.  Trust us, it will produce a very rosy red bottom.  When you're finished, let her use the IMPALER however she desires.  She will find the IMPALER nice and smooth and gives a nice relaxing erotic touch.  Finally, an implement that brings screams of pain and moans of pleasure all rolled into one.  Who knows, just maybe, if you're lucky, she will let you watch.
We know the IMPALER is not inexpensive.  It is made from high quality products and takes a fair amount of time to make, but we are confident it will bring hours of excitement and years of use.

 Sasha with the Ruby IMPALER JR



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