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     Mistress Molly
I am Mistress Molly, I am the Head Mistress and Owner of the House of Mistress Molly in Mistress MollyManchester, New Hampshire.  I am a Professional and lifestyle Dominatrix.  I believe Every Woman is Strong, Powerful, Beautiful and should be Dominant and in ControMistress Mollyl.  I am a Strong, Proud Irish Mistress and was trained by one of the Premier Dominatrix in Bath IrelandI take the lifestyle seriously and live in daily. I believe in the "OLD GUARD” values and protocols.  These values include, respect and the proper ways to greet and address Dom/mes.
When CANE-IAC contacted me to model for them I was more than willing and very excited.  They share my same philosophy of safe, consensual  play between mature adults.  Not to mention their extensive line of affordable quality implements.  I was in spanko heaven visiting them.
If you are ever in the New England / New Hampshire area and think you have what it takes to kneel before me I would enjoy hearing from you.  You can visit me at Mistress Molly

Don't let Miss Molly's sweet looks fool you, she is strong, strict and dominant.
CANE-IAC is very excited and proud to have Mistress Molly as a model and part of our Cane-Iac family.

Click on the photo to view the item and see more photos of Mistress Molly.
Miss Molly Baton   Big Foot Paddle   Cherry Paddle
 Miss Molly Baton                        Big Foot Extreme                Magnum Extreme Cherry

Red & Black Whip
Red & Black Flogger / Whip

Squealer        Molly Leather Strap
                   The Squealer Natural                            Miss Molly Extreme Strap                     

Delrin Rug Beater            Padauk Magnum Max            Red Tube
   Delrin Rug Beater           Magnum Max Padauk           Extreme Red Tube       

Extreme Hickory Paddle    Spiked Collar   
             Magnum Extreme Hickory                                   Spiked Collar              

Rubber Hell    Molly Baton    Leather Whip
  Rubber Hell                Miss Molly Baton                  Bull Whip              

Extreme Purpleheart Paddle    Magnum Max Padauk
                     Magnum Extreme Purpleheart           Magnum Max Padauk                         

Red and Black Whip    Ridged Rubber Strap    Magnum Max Purpleheart
    Red & Black Flogger / Whip             Ridged Rubber Loop         Magnum Max Purpleheart 

Ouch Jr    Extreme Walnut Paddle   
                Leather OUCH JR              Magnum Extreme Paddle Walnut               

Rattan Rug Beater        Extreme Lexan Paddle With Holes
Rattan Rug Beater                 Extreme Lexan Paddle      

Extreme Leather with Holes         Lightening Bolt         Miss Molly Lexan Slapper
       Extreme Leather Strap            Lightening Bolt         Miss Molly's Lexan Slapper    

Miss Molly Leather Strap      Delrin Red Line Cane      Leather Whip
Miss Molly Extreme Leather Strap        Miss Molly Baton                        Whips                   
Miss Molly Baton    Miss Molly Lexan Slapper   
     Miss Molly Delrin Baton                         Miss Molly Lexan Slapper         

Red Tube         Hickory Extreme Paddle 
Extreme Red Tube                             Magnum Extreme Hickory   

Red and Black Whip    Magnum Max Walnut    Leather Squealer
Red & Black Flogger                   Magnum Max Walnut                       The Squealer    

      Bend Over

Miss Molly Lexan Slapper            Extreme Cherry Paddle
                 Miss Molly's Lexan Slapper                   Magnum Extreme Cherry                

Rubber Hell  Rattan RUg Beater  Delrin Red Line Cane
         Rubber Hell                           Rattan Rug Beater                     Delrin Conqueror   
Delrin Rug Beater    Extreme Delrin Cane    Lightening Bolt
            Delrin Rug Beater         6 Rod Delrin Extreme             Lightening Bolts                 

Extreme Purpleheart Paddle        Extreme Walnut Paddle        Ouch Jr
      Magnum Extreme PH       Magnum Extreme Walnut             Leather Ouch Jr           
Extreme Hickory Paddle       Big Foot Rubber Paddle       Magnum Max Walnut
     Magnum Extreme Hickory        Rubber Big Foot                Magnum Max Padauk           
Extreme Leather Strap    Miss Molly Leather Strap  Miss Molly Baton
  Extreme Leather Strap         Miss Molly Leather Strap                 Miss Molly Baton         

If you're a fan of Mistress Molly and enjoy her photos as much as we do check back often and be sure to visit her website.


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