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   Sasha Stryker 
 Hi, I’m Sasha Stryker and I am a recent college graduate with a B.A. in Psychology.  I currently work with the developmentally disabled, and am preparing to pursue my Master’s in Psychiatric Nursing.  I enjoy 80s punk rock to post-hardcore, new age rock and everything in between, Mexican food, writing poetry, kickboxing and indulging in my body art and piercing addiction.
I am no str
anger to the fetish community.  For the past five years, I have frequented goth/fetish clubs and participated in a number of events in the scene – more often than not, on-stage spanking shows.  I personally identify as a sadomasochistic switch – I like to dish it out, but I can certainly take it too – so I mix it up depending on my mood.  My toy of choice is a riding crop.  It’s a swift, concentrated pain that takes no great amount of pressure to make a woman (or man) scream.  My favorite toy to be spanked with?  Flogger, hands down.  It is, in my opinion, the most v
ersatile toy – it can provide quick, sharp pain or repetitive, lingering pain, and the leather extensions conform to the body to deliver maximum skin contact with each strike.  There’s a certain sensuality to it. The pain-pleasure paradox is addicting.

CANE-IAC is very excited and proud to have Sasha Stryker as a friend and model. 

Click on the photo to view the item and see more photos of Sasha.

          Sjambok                                       Zebra Flogger Whip

   Delrin Crazy Loop                                 Jewelry                                        Gator Loop           

Heart Cutout Paddle                   Walnut Lightening Bolt                        Riding Crops             

               Truro Terror                  The Viper Leather Strap      Walnut Striped Bottom Burner

      Ball Chain Flogger             Purple Braided Flogger           Heart Leather Paddle

Zebra Flogger Whip                               Tire Knocker                         Red, Blue Black Flogger

   Heart Evil Stick                     Pink Sweat Scrapper               Carbon Fiber Cane

           Nasty Red Head                              Impaler SR                   Walnut 3 Holed Paddle

   Natural 24" Evil Stick                Walnut Lightning Bolt              Double Headed 12" Evil Stick

Black Spencer Sr                      Black Little Guy                            Black Spencer Jr

 Magnum Martinet                       Mighty Might                     Blackout Rubber Loop

Delrin JR Canes           Red Rubber Dragon Tail                Spiked Leather Loop

Bend Me Over Pillow Case

     Lucifer Loop                                    Misery Cane                            Walnut Paddle

      Hardwood with Holes
     Curse of Dana Strap             Doublewide Paddle           Hardwood Paddle    

                   Bit Gag                                        Blue Paddle with Hole

   Yellow Paddle with Holes                                                    Walnut Sizzler Paddle      

         Curse of Dana - OTK            Tail Paracord Flogger           Leather OTK Strap         

    Multi-Colored 3 Strand Loop               Red Hand Riding Crop

   Ruby Red Impaler JR     

    Pine Paddle                      Delrin Twisted Loop SR                     Impaler SR       
       Striper Paddle                          Collar & Cuff Set                          Dragon Tail Whip   

Russet OTK Strap
Cherry Naughty Stick

Dragon Tongue Whip                           O Ring Collar

   OUCH ~ MORE PLEASE Naughty Stick         

If you're a fan of Sasha and enjoy her photos as much as we do check back often.  We will be adding new photos very soon.


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