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 Cane-Iac's Meet the Professional Disciplinarians
We get asked all the time if we know of professional disciplinarians that truly understand how to give serious spankings, domestic discipline and respect limits and boundaries.  If you have the need, desire and courage to bend over before a true professional, one who takes pride in their craft, then this list is for you.  
Check back often as we will be adding more professionals soon.

Traveling the United States
 Miss Jenn Davis
I am Miss JenMiss Jennn Davis (also known as Miss Jenn Disciplines) and I am a professional disciplinarian in Seattle, who travels quite extensively. I *love* Miss Jennspanking and paddling and use a variety of implements.  I am strict but I am caring.  I am discreet and I expect the same from you.  I am intelligent with a University degree as well as street smarts, and have a good sense of humor to boot.
Feel free to check out my travel schedule on my website to see if I am in Seattle or traveling. Don't see your city listed on my travel schedule?  Consider sponsoring a trip! If you are not able to see me in person, please check out my audio clips or consider doing a phone session.
If you are a naughty boy or girl of consenting age, in need of a spanking, I would love to hear from you. Will yours be the next bare bottom that will be over my knee?
Hugs & spanks,   Miss Jenn
For more information visit my website.  Visit me at:  Miss Jenn


Traveling the Globe
 Miss Jennifer
 Miss Jennifer
Hi, I am Miss Jennifer or Miss Jen (most people just call me Jennifer or Jen) and I am a Professional Disciplinarian. I travel globally to provide Disciplinary and Behavioral Modification Sessions and to see the world. I have been a Professional Disciplinarian for over 10 yeaMiss Jenniferrs. I am an intelligent, extremely discreet, clean, non smoker that is drug free and disease free. I love what I do and spanking is my passion! I keep a very low profile. I give REAL spankings but at the same time it is safe and you will feel better afterwards. Whether you have a spanking fantasy, need/want, or deserve a spanking for your wrong doing. I will give you the best spanking experience.

Note: I SPANK. I ONLY SPANK! I give REAL spankings! I only provide Disciplinary and Behavior Modification Services!

My motto for life is EAT, TRAVEL, SPANK.

Please visit: to join my spanking community, learn about me, my suite of services, where I am traveling next, blog, forum, and to check out the cool stuff I am working on.     --------------------------------------------------

Auntie Rhi

I am an experienced professional, mentor and disciplinarian. I use various forms of discipline to assist naughty boys and girls to curb unwanted behaviors and/or improve sour attitudes. Complete individual discipline programs,  as well as occasional attitude adjustments are available real time, by appointment only. I am experienced in role play and therapeutic spankings as well. Online consultations can also be arranged.

If you have trouble with motivation, need a firm hand to assist with goal setting and accountability, or just need some caring correction over a maternal-type lap, drop me a note.   Your Auntie Rhi knows best......
Visit me at:

Arizona, Phoenix
Miss Chris
You've seen the rest, now see the BEST! Standing 6 feet tall in her bare feet, Miss Chris has been spanking naughty bottoms full-time for the last 8 years. Known affectionately as "The Woman Whose Hand Doesn't Tire" and "The Lady of the Ample Lap", her specialties include hard OTK hand spankings, historical role plays, judicial style corporal punishment, life coaching/mentoring and traditional domestic discipline. When she's not spanking in private sessions, she's presenting all over the world on spanky topics, attending major spanking parties, shooting spanking videos with the most reputable production companies, or hosting her own Spank University parties in Phoenix, Arizona. If you visit her in Phoenix, you'll be welcomed into her ultra discreet, domestically furnished play space right in the heart of midtown, 10 minutes north of the airport.

Don't you DESERVE the very best? Visit me at:  MISS CHRIS

 Arizona, Phoenix
Miss Maryann
If you are Seeking a safe space to experience your spanking and disciplinary fantasies in a comfortable environment free of the pressure of erotic entanglement or romantic relationships, you have come to the right place. Bendover Makeover provides caring and professional Spanking Therapy utilizing an approach that combines both supportive counseling and structured spanking plan designed to assist you in achieving your individual objectives. I offer you an open and understanding environment that enables a communicative and effective way to explore your life-long desires relating to spanking and discipline. Through an ongoing disciplinary relationship with Bendover Makeover you will discover extraordinary ways to work on behavioral issues, receive support and most importantly, acquire a means to develop better structure and self discipline in your life.
   I invite you to investigate further by scheduling an introductory phone consultation or full session appointment.
Visit Me at:  Bendover Makeover.
 Arizona, Phoenix
Ms Victoria Kay
Disciplinarian, Spankologist & Switch
Topping: Ms. VictoriaVictoria Kay Specializes in Domestic Scenes (with optional role-play), Therapeutic Spankings and Corporal Punishment. You will see in her piercing blue eyes that she means business and there is no escape but through the fire. You will also sense her care and expertise as she dishes out each stroke of her hand, paddle, strap or cane. She will take your psyche and your bottom through a beautifully intense ride along the lines of pain and pleasure. 

Bottoming: As a Switch, Ms.Victoria understands the psychology, sweet surrender and catharsis of bottoming. She loves a  good spanking and will selectively offer her bottom up to those she deems fit. Hand spanking is her preference and she plays at various intensities. If you are not a seasoned top but want to experience topping, she offers hands on instructional sessions.

Ms. Victoria frequents Phoenix AZ  and travels the US, most notably San Diego, San Fransisco, LA, Las Vegas, NYC and Boston. She is working on a website, but in the meantime you may e-mail her concise inquiries, for her travel schedule or to sponsor a trip to your city.
Visit My website:  Ms. Victoria Kay   or   Email:  [email protected] 

 California / Orange County

I am Maia. I am a real mom, a real disciplinary-wife, that really spanks.    I believe in the necessity of drawing boundaries and setting limits, and I believe in enforcing them with bare-bottomed spankings– something I hand out quite consistently at Maiahome.    I am a professional with years of  experience helping people order their lives, address problem behaviors, and maintain accountability. As a professional disMaiaciplinarian, I combine my two worlds to serve my clients.   

As in my professional world, I will help you improve the areas of your life that need to be addressed. But just like at home, I will be applying authentic discipline to do it.  From disciplinary spankings, phone sessions, to a variety of reflective consequences, if you’re looking for genuine, life changing discipline from someone who truly lives it, you’ve found it. Serving the Southern California region or travel-to-you discipline offered nation-wide.     

Visit me at:

 California / San Francisco
Naturally Gin
My name is Gin. I offer traditional spanking services to both men & women who are in need of strict discipline. I consider myself to be a natural spanker. I don’t do glitz and glamor or overly staged scenes - just good old fashioned discipline. For me nothing could be more natural than a naughty bare bottom over my knee and I have yet to find anything that compares to the immense satisfaction I get from spanking. It is my love, obsession and art.

Visit me at:
Sarah Gregory

I am Sarah Gregory, a well known spanking model as well as professional disciplinarian.
I am based in Connecticut, but travel frequently to California and other parts of the country. Through many years as a bottom to some of the most talented tops and disciplinarians, I have developed skill and talent as a top. I enjoy spanking naughty boys and girls of consensual age for real life discipline, role play scenarios, and therapeutic spanking sessions. I have experience and skill when it comes to canes, straps, floggers, paddles, and pretty much any OTK implement. You can find my travel schedule on my website.
Visit me at:
Connecticut - Central
Ms. E
I am Ms.E.  I have close to 20 years of experience as a disciplinarian. 
As a former teacher, you will find me accustomed to working with individuals who need correction and guidance to achieve a balanced life.  I am intelligent and well-educated.  I have significant coursework in psychology, counseling, business, and law, in addition to my educational credentials.  I will use my knowledge to help you grow to become the best you can be.  This may be difficult at times, but it is worth the effort. 
We will start our journey with an initial meeting to gt to know each other at a local diner.  Then, perhaps, you will be invited to my home-based office.  We will address your behavior at length and then administer corrective/deterrent actions.  Take warning: fussing and squirming will not lessen the correction you are about to receive. 
You may contact me at [email protected].  Thoughtful, well-written emails, please, if you wish to capture my attention." 
Florida, Orlando
Miss Lauren
I may be a Mistress, but I am also a very experienced disciplinarian who LOVES to spank naughty boys and girls.  I am located close to the downtown Orlando area with a two room amazing private play space, and have over 10 years experience dealing with you dirty boys and girls that are in need of a spanking, whether correctional, discipline, punishment, a maintenance spanking, role play spanking (no long drawn out scripts however), or just someone wanting a good old fashioned spanking. 
My favorite, of course, is either an OTK or over my lap sensual spanking, but I am quite seasoned at delivering a sound harsh spanking to  address what you did to merit me placing you over my knee.  I utilize recitations, confessions, lecturing and corner time to "reflect" on why you are being spanked so that our encounter will resonate that you were naughty and so that you will learn to behave appropriately (until your next mistake!).  
Visit my site for more information and contact information.  I have every implement imaginable from my hand (and I have a heavy hand as I am quite strong) to an abundance of wooden spoons, straps, paddles, canes, crops, floggers, etc...YOU NEED TO BE PUNISHED.  YOU NEED TO BE CORRECTED, YOU NEED TO BE SPANKED AND I AM THE ONE. 
Visit Miss Lauren at:

Illinois, Chicago
Miss Simone
A true disciplinarian of over 20 years, I have corrected many adult naughty boys and girls who chose to misbehave. Located in Chicago and Saint Louis, I also travel.  I offer grown men and women the motivation, support and catharsis of female-led domestic discipline.  My services range from OTK maintenance to severe thrashings.  In addition to discipline, I offer creative punishment, role play, and other fetishes.  My favorite implement is my hand followed by the hairbrush and cane.My rates are firm but sensitive to those who seek ongoing reinforcement.
Visit me at:
Illinois, Chicago
Ms Cassandra Marks
Ms Cassandra 
Ms Cassandra
Hello, I am Ms. Cassandra Marks: a strict, no nonsense disciplinarian offering spankings for those who seek genuine, unrelenting punishments. Based in Chicago with frequent travels throughout the United States, I relish the chance to inflict my discipline on spanking virgins, seasoned bottoms and everyone in between. With my graduate degree in psychology and a focus on DBT and ACT therapies, I take the time to personally tailor each and every punishment I dish out down to the last detail to fit your wants, needs, desires and transgressions. I utilize my collection of paddles, canes, straps, belts, hairbrushes, wMs Cassandraooden spoons and of course my bare hand to elicit real discipline with real results. Role play, behavior modification, humiliation, light bondage, foot fetish, financial domination and distance sessions are also available. Visit my website for my updated travel schedule.  

Visit me here:  MS CASSANDRA MARKS


Indiana, Indianapolis
Miss Elizabeth
Hello, my name is Miss Elizabeth, a mature, professional Disciplinarian living in the Indianapolis area.  I love spanking otk with my bare hand on your bare bottom, as well as using paddles(wooden and leather), brushes, canes and belt strapping, depending on the level of intensity your backside requires.  A true Spanko at hearMiss Elizabetht, yet I can also incorporate other kinks and interests into your spanking session, if you desire.  Though rather short(5'1" barefoot), what I may lack in height I make up for in sheer strength and power.  I am strong and muscular, and very capable of delivering a long, hard otk spanking, keeping you from wiggling out of my grasp by wrapping you firmly in my powerful leg lock.
I offer scenarios from light, "funishment" spankings to strict Corporal Punishment for the naughtiest boys and girls; I have the ability to address a broad range of discipline specifically designed to suit your needs.  I truly love, and specialize in, role play for those who enjoy MoMiss Elizabethmmy/boy, Auntie/nephew, Teacher/student, Boss/employee scenarios.  If you need better focus at work or in school, or some spanking "encouragement" to help you follow your healthy lifestyle, I can certainly assist you in those areas as well.  Whether you live in the Indy area or are coming to visit for one of the many conventions or sporting events that we host here, visit my website and schedule a session to put yourself across my lap for that discipline you know that you need and deserve.

Visit me here:  MISS ELIZABETH

Kansas - Missouri / Kansas City
Portia Spanks
My name is Portia Spanks and I practice the exquisite art of spanking in the Kansas City metro area (Kansas and Missouri).  I specialize in OTK discipline and punishment for the spanking purist as well as those who like to incorporate additional kink and other fetishes.  I utilize a plethora of wonderful implements, including my bare hand, of course, for both beginners or conditioned bottoms alike.  I can also deliver severe corporeal punishment with a smile.  I adore role play and though most of my  clients are male, I am an equal opportunity Spanker!
                      Visit me at:  Portia Spanks 
Massachusetts, Boston & Florida
Lady Kim
You are unfocused, you have lost yourself, you are uncensored. The fact that you Lady Kimrecognize this, is in your favor. We go along our daily path with no thought as to the consequences. Well, it is time for all your bad actions and thoughts to be accounted for. Domestic Discipline is a guideline for your sanity, you crave it… you NEED it.

Domestic Discipline is varied. It can take on many different roles, some are scripted, some are not.

But in essence, the one true remaining factor, is that correction is needed.

Are you ready to accept that improvement is essential?


                               Visit me here:    LADY KIM 


Michigan, Southeast
Miss Kimora
I am Kimora Vaughn.   A true disciplinarian and mentor, with  7+yrs. exp. and I enjoy what I do to the fullest.  My spanking sessions range from OTK to corporal Miss Kimorapunishment.  I have a domestic play space  located in Warren, MI which is in the suburb of the Metro Detroit area.  Other sessions available are spanking & caning therapy, behavior modification, corner time, and many other forms of discipline.  Role-play as well as mentoring available  in person, online, & via  phone.
My philosophy is simple:  Everyone needs a stress reliever and/or attitude adjustment to achieve balance in their life.  Some like to reminisce and relive what they once experienced when they were younger. Don't let fear keep you from indulMiss Kimoraging in what your body and mind desires.    Each session is unique and arranged according to each individuals needs.

For further information contact me @ Www.KIMORAVAUGHN.COM or  CALL ME @ 512 - 360 - 0036  In Warren, MI

                 Visit me here:    MISS KIMORA VAUGHN 

Minnesota, Minneapolis
Amazon Queen Bleu
   I also travel to Chicago and San Francisco a few time a year.
Hello IAmazon Queen Bleu am Amazon Queen Bleu, my primary goal is to create a trusting Amazon Queen Bleuenvironment for you. I have over 15 years experience correcting behaviors and building securities back up so one can function in daily life at the mere thought of how it feels to be across my knees when you mess up....I am more than capable of administering the OTK spanking so many men/women desire.
Standing at 6'2 without heels and 6'9 with my favorite heels on, I am a strong, strict no nonsense disciplinarian quite capable of taking you across my knees and delivering the OTK you deserve. I will not stop until your bottom is bright red and showing signs of your misbehaving. No amount of Amazon Queen Bleucrying, squirming or begging will make me stop until I feel you got what you had coming.
I am wicked with the cane and use it to correct behaviors such as addiction, weight management, smart mouthing, rudeness,and so much more. I discipline with a stern hand but caring corrections and gentle reminders of what is expected of you and the need to accept accountability that put you in my care.
                              Visit me at:                          
New Hampshire, Derry
Princess Dandy
My name is Princess Dandy and I'm a playful professional dominatrix based in New Hampshire.  I Princess Dandyenjoy sensual domination as well as strict and I'm always having fun. I love to bePrincess Dandy served and worshiped online, on the phone, and in person, at my fully stocked playroom. The smile never fades from my face, even when administering cruel punishments. I'll giggle, tease and taunt as I make you my plaything. Step into my playroom and become my toy. I look forward to hearing from you.

Visit me at:  Princess Dandy
New Hampshire, Manchester
Mistress Molly
I aMiss Mollym a Professional and lifestyle Dominatrix.  I am a Strong, Proud Irish Mistress. I have been into the BDMS lifestyle for over 4 years and was trained by one of the Premier Dominatrix in Ballyfin,Ireland. Miss Molly  I am the Head Mistress and Owner of the House of Mistress Molly.
I have come to New Hampshire and have settled and opened a House here that includes a full service Dungeon, medical area, and sissy dressing room as well as teaching classes to help educate & inform people to the proper etiquette, Miss Mollyplay procedures and safe rope play techniques.
I take this lifestyle seriously and live in it daily. I believe in the "OLD GUARD” values and protocols of the lifestyle. These values include, respect, the proper ways to greet and address Dom/mes and proper public, munch, and play party conduct.   Play Hard, Play Others Harder
Visit me at:  Miss Molly
New York City
Ms. Hariett Marwood
I am Ms. Marwood and I am a worldly, intelligent, no-nonsense lady who Ms Marwoodaddresses the behavioral problems of naughty boys of all (consenting) ages. I take my inspiration from a renowned, stern English governess of longstanding literary fame and believe in the expert application of all manner of traditional domestic corporal discipline as needed and /or deserved. I also provide long- or short-term proven, effective Life Coaching services incorporating corporal disciplinary "incentives".

Visit me at:  MS. Marwood
New York City
Miss Lydia Lamour

I am Miss Lydia Lamour, Professional Disciplinarian and Mommy based in NYC.  For over 10 years now, My firm hands have seen backsides from all over the country, and nothing brings a smile to My face more than knowing that you are beginning to be on the path of righteous living, with your hands rubbing your sore bottom along the way.  I am also available for ABDL sessions as I enjoy My natural maternal side and have all the needs necessary.  I have a very large collection of spanking implements and more to ensure that you will feel My wrath and start your life anew, whether it be over My knees or bent over and tied down.
Visit me at:
New York City
Miss Georgia Cane

My name is Georgia Cane.  I am a six foot tall, fit, mature (fifties) black woman with an Ivy League degree and a strict, no nonsense, over-the-knee spanking disciplinarian.
My bare hand gets your attention, leaving your bottom pink and burning or as red and sore, as needed.  When appropriate, I will spank you to tears - and then some - and when I bring out my strap, paddle, hairbrush or cane you'll understand the consequences of misbehaving.  
I discipline for real life issues and excel in all types of role-play scenarios.  I also offer long-term mentoring, counseling, and oversight sessions, in person or via phone.
All are welcome, from the novice to the experienced CP aficiondo.  
                                  Visit me at:

New York City
Miss Eva Smith
I am the beautiful, voluptuous, Manhattan star who brings you to the heaven of absolute domination.  You gladly surrender to my animal female instincts once I glide int
Miss Eva Smitho the room like a lioness. 
I know the punishment you deserve.
I lay you, the naughty boy, over my lovely lap and with my precious little hands, I mercilessly spank your bare bottom.  I emasculate you with sharp insults and giggle as you crawl to me on the floor.  You dare not complain.  You submit fully as I generously deliver delicious, delightful pain.
After I correct you to my utter satisfaction, we enter into the stage of soothing, maternal aftercare.  As our 90-minute session together closes, you are comforted in my warm, womanly embrace.
When we finish the ritual of disciplined domination, you feel justly punished, and in this, I relieve you of your transgressions.  You are whole again.  Here's hoping I choose you, naughty boy. 

Visit me at:  Miss Eva Smith

  New York, Brooklyn
Ms Heidee Nytes
Ms Heidee Nytes   Ms Heidee Nytes
I am Heidee Nytes, you may call me Ms. Heidee. I am a no nonsense, professional disciplinarian based in Brooklyn, NY. 
I specialize in traditional OTK spankings and am experienced in role play and therapeutic, maternal reparenting through strict discipline and immediate consequences.
The punishment you deserve takes time and consideration. You have been lacking discipline for a long time now and surly need to be reminded how to behave. Prepare to spend quite a bit of time in the corner and over my knee.  By appointment only.
Visit me at:  Ms Heidee Nytes
New York, Manhattan - NYC
Strict Lady Cloe
Lady Cloe
Lady Cloe is a Swiss national who is now based in New York City.  She has a successful professional career, and secondarily helps men as a "behavior Lady Cloemodification specialist” who administers maternal discipline.  Lady Cloe also spanks women at events or parties.  She is a creative event planner, and also has taken acting classes.  Her love and talent for role play evolved from these professional endeavors.  Lady Cloe requires advance notice if you pursue a meeting due to both her schedule and her desire to tailor all meetings so OTK correction is special and memorable.
  Visit Me At:  LADY CLOE
 OHIO / Cleveland
Miss Macie

Miss Macie
I am Miss Macie and I offer domestic-setting spankings tailored to your needs. Whether you are just curious or very experienced, I will make sure you get theMiss Macie spanking you desire. Every person seeks out a spanking for his or her own personal reasons; I like to build on that reason and create an experience you won't soon forget. Sessions can include serious discipline with goal setting, mouth washing, corner time, OTK, and/or light spanking - all mixed with various positions. My instruments include, but aren't limited to, hand, crops, leather or wooden paddles,  bath brush, leather straps and flogger. Visit my website and come get the punishment you deserve. 
                                                    Visit me at:  Simply Spankings

 Pennsylvania / Philadelphia
 Ms Mary
Ms MarySpanking has been and always will be my number one kink.  As a top I can be stern anMs Maryd heavy handed.  Have something you're guilty about?  Tell Ms Mary all about it and I will punish you thoroughly. 
My hand is my best implement, but the sound a cane makes as it hits your naughty bottom is sweet music to my ears.  As a bottom I was known as the "heaviest sub" in Los Angeles, meaning I would normally have tops call mercy on me, from their arms tiring out.  My record is 200 cane strokes, think you can beat it?
Email me at [email protected] or Visit me at:  Ms Mary
 Pennsylvania / Philadelphia
Miss Lisa

Miss Lisa OTK
Miss Lisa is located in Philadelphia and has close to 15 years asMiss Lisa Banner a Professional and is lifestyle as well. She specializes in OTK and Domestic Discipline Some refer to her as Mommy Dommie and she is quite skilled with role play. 
She may be found on Twitter as MissLisa0925 or you may contact her at [email protected] 
Visit me at 
Pennsylvania / Reading
Mz Kim

Hello.  My name is Mz Kim.  I am a red headed, curvy gal who originates from Texas, so I know a bit aboutswitches.  At 5’ 1”, don’t let my stature make you think I can't handle a good OTK hand spanking or a hard paddling.  I’ll definitely get my point across! I do role play with some of my clients and also, enjoy practicing other fetishes -- but that's for another time.  I am based out of the Reading/Lancaster/Allentown, Pennsylvania area.  Want to know more?  
Check out my blog:       
 Texas / Austin

Would you enjoy a therapeutic disciplinary session without judgment? Are you tiringMiss Rachelof your vanilla world and need an attentive spanking to set you straight? Do you enjoy a firm spanking from a no-nonsenseMiss Rachel yet caring authoritative figure? Do you need that extra push to help you achieve your personal or professional goals? Miss Rachel can provide that for you.

Miss Rachel is a professional disciplinarian in the Austin, TX area. She offers life coaching with a spanko twist. She believes that your reward for good behavior should be the discipline you crave. 

Whether it be a therapeutic positive spanking, role play spanking, or a strict punishment spanking she can deliver the session you have always dreamed of having.

She is well prepared to help you get the discipline you need.  Her credentials include her academic background, a Master’s Degree in Social Work (which encompasses mental health and Miss Racheltherapeutic training) as well as her natural love and talent for spanking.

She has a kink friendly attitude and is also a switch in her private life.  She understands what it is like to give and receive.  The duality helps her understand the wants and needs that you experience and makes her approach much more effective than a top that has never been on the receiving end. Miss Rachel loves otk hand spankings but also enjoys using an array of implements. Among her favorite are belts, canes, paddles and brushes.  A spanking by Miss Rachel will be one that isn’t soon forgotten. 

You can visit her website at email her at [email protected]

Texas / Dallas
Ms Navia

Hello, I am Ms. Navia a classy,educated, 40-something, full-figured Black "Spank Therapist" and life coach based in Dallas, Texas. I offer enjoyable, corrective and therapeutic spankings and loss of control for those that require My attention. My 10-years of spanking, paddling and corporal punishment skills have corrected many behavior issues provided motivation for many.
 I specialize in role-play and HARD Over-the-knee hand spankings and I'm highly skilled in other forms of discipline, humiliation, sensation stimulation, domination, service training, NT/CBT, fetishes, and various edge play as well. I tour TEXAS, the USA and travel to spanking/BDSM events.
Visit Me At: 
 Virginia, Charlottesville
Alecia Stone

My name is Alecia Stone. I am a professional disciplinarian, currently located in Charlottesville, Virginia. I host in the Charlottesville area, and also visit DC and other parts on the mid-Atlantic.     I specialize in strict disciplinarian sessions, typically otk with my hand, hairbrush, strap and other implements. I understand if you have been a naughty boy and need to have your bottom bared or if you just like to 'escape' into subspace over a strong woman's lap. What I love most about spanking is its ability to totally transform people as they assume a different role that they are not usually able to in there every day lives. It is so much fun for me, as a dominant woman to have these experiences with those I discipline.  I focus on making each individuals experience unique.

Are you ready to have your bottom bared?  Visit me at:  Alecia Stone


Washington, Seattle
Mistress Brigitte

I am Mistress Brigitte, a six foot tall, mature, experienced Seattle based FrenAuntie Bch Auntie Bdisciplinarian. I love domestic discipline and like nothing more than administering bare bottom spankings and paddlings to naughty boys.  I am also very adept at British discipline since I sincerely believe in the saying: spare the rod, spoil the brat.
I enj
oy role-play especially auntie/nephew or teacher/student scenarios and while I am strict and no nonsense I am also caring and nurturing.
I see clients at my well equipped, private Burien play space as well as in the privacy of their own homes or their hotel rooms.
I require at least 24 hours notice and prefer afternoon or early evening sessions.

For more information visit my website.  Visit me at:  Mistress Brigitte

Alberta, Canada
 Miss M

I'm Miss M, an English disciplinarian and former school mistress, now living in Southern Alberta.  I offer discipline, correction and spanking therapy to ladies and gentlemen who know they need it and to those who think they might.   Based in Lethbridge but I am happy to travel with good notice.

Contact me at : [email protected]
 Visit me at:  Miss M 
Toronto (Mississauga), Ontario, Canada
Miss Betty Cocker
I am Miss Betty Cocker and I have almost 25 years experience dishing out uncompromising, traditional discipline (introductory to severe) to naughty boys in need of correction in a safe, clean and discreet domestic setting. I am a very well-equipped Domestic Discipline Specialist and OTK Spanking Expert.   
Visit me at:  Miss Betty Cocker  
United Kingdom
Miss Ophelia de Havilland

My name is Miss Ophelia de Havilland and I am a professional domestic disciplinarian residing in the United Kingdom.  Having experienced spanking in the family home and at boarding school I have grown up with first hand expertise in the art of discipline.
I have a genuine love of prolonged traditional over the knee hand spanking, scissoring between the very long legs of my 6 foot tall frame (without my heels) if wriggling and squirming.  I can use other implements on your bottom if my hand is too much for you to "bare" such as paddle, strap, tawse, hairbrush, bath brush and of course the obligatory old slipper.
I look forward to hearing from you.     Miss Ophelia de Havilland

Visit my website to view my travel schedule
United Kingdom, Grantham
Miss Sarah
NOW, you can be spanked, disciplined and punished in exactly the way you want and need by someone who really understands you.  I have now come to recognize the true dominant nature I have and that touch of nasty wickedness that will make you tremble, just a little.
I am tall with my long legs always clad in nylons; I am slim, attractive and very able to give you the hardest and harshest of punishment. I have a selection of clothes should you wish to role play, I expect and will receive from you the utmost respect and in return you will have an experience to remember.You can now visit me for a spanking session at a detached domestic setting close to Grantham in the East Midlands.   Appointments available Monday - Friday day-times and early evenings. Please Note: I am a practitioner in the art of CP, domination and punishment I AM NOT an escort. There are NO SEXUAL SERVICES. 
For further information email me at [email protected] or telephone 07506018699. Please understand that I can't always answer your call so please if I am busy call back later. For your peace of mind I will never call you.
United Kingdom, London
Miss A Hunter
Miss Hunter
I may be just 5 foot in height, but woe betide the miscreant who underestimates my power. 
All shapes and sizes of men and women are hauled over my knee for a blistering spanking that leaves a lasting impression on the psyche.  Miss Hunter
With nearly 14 years of 'hands-on' experience, as it were, I have the capability to punish all levels of naughtiness, whether you are an absolute novice, or a frequent offender. 
Role-play and genuine scolding are a specialty, and I have been known to break chaps just through making them anticipate the physical punishment that is coming. 

Aside from my strong hand, I love to use the hairbrush, plimsoll, paddle, and especially the tawse and the cane. Introducing the tawse to hands and bottoms that have never tasted it before is quite a thrill for me.
I have a reputation that is well-deserved, and an attention to detail that is a point of personal pride. 
Perhaps you'll let me teach you a lesson you won't forget in a hurry? 
Please visit me at: Miss A. Hunter
 London, England
Miss Rose Cavendish

Rose Cavendish is a Disciplinarian from England. She has a sharp tongue and an even sharper sting to her hand. She firmly believes the best lessons are learnt on a well spanked bottom. And you will be hard pressed to find anyone more enthusiastic in setting you straight.

She believes that we are all given rights but it is up to us to accept our responsibilities. And her responsibility is to see to it that naughty boys and girls of every age are taken firmly in hand and shown the disciplinary benefits of a bare bottom spanking.

Miss Cavendish is available for sessions around London and England as she tours very frequently; please consult her website for more details. 

Some of the implements she enjoys using are:
- her sharp hands for a bare bottom spanking
- her sharp tongue and intellect to make you confess to your naughty ways
- soap to wash out the filth from your mouth
- Mason and Pearson hairbrush
- plimsoll
- canes (especially when making you touch your toes)
- leather straps
- leather tawses

If you know you have been naughty and your ways need correcting then email her at [email protected]

For information on how you can be part of our Professional Disciplinarians listing, email us at [email protected]

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