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It is great to know people enjoy our Rattan Canes and Spanking Toys.  We work hard to give the best quality for a price people can afford. If you would like to send us your comments, we would be happy to share your testimonial.


Here is what they are saying:
Mistress was so pleased with her new toys.  Last session, I gave her Mr. Studly.  This time I gave her two naughty sticks, one with her name on it and I gave her the 15" Derlin rug beater demonstrated by Dana Kane.  Mistress used all of these plus a few other toys she had!
I can take a pretty good spanking. But right now I am the proud owner of a throbbing, tender, very red, sore bottom!  I am in sub heaven!
I thank you for your products.  They are as advertised.
~Spanko Sal, Long Island, NY

You do indeed fulfill and indeed far exceed your promise of providing very good high quality items at a very reasonable price. I am more than pleased with the "VICIOUS Double Leather SPANKER 13" x 3 1/2". The workmanship is indeed of the very highest quality. It is indeed everything that your item description says that it is! Yes it can replace a paddle and yes it does indeed have the additional advantage of the flexibility of leather.  And yes it is indeed a very severe instrument.  You received my order and processed and shipped it with the utmost professionalism and speed. My order arrived well within your expected time frame for international delivery.  There was no evidence to my eyes that Customs had even opened the parcel. If they had they would have discovered just as described 1 x leather and 1 x cane novelty items. Total customer satisfaction is the only possible way I would describe my dealings with cane-iac.  For sure, you guys (and gals to I am very sure) will have a repeat customer in me.

 ~K Smith   New Zealand

I have a very unusual tolerance for pain and have been told I also have a titanium backside!  The service from Cane-iac has been amazing as I've managed to break a few of their paddles (well, they broke on my backside anyway!)  The combination of prices and customer service/commitment here are truly unmatchable!  Thank you so much Cane Mistress and everyone else for providing what you do!
~S, Oklahoma
Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy the spankings I get with the paddles, strap and canes that I have gotten from your website and also they are the best made and the prices are great.  Thanks again for providing me with pleasure of pain.
~Tim, Oregon
I got my order yesterday and I am so happy.  Everything is top notch stuff and made so well. I can't wait to show off my new toys at my local club and and tell everyone where I got the stuff.  I'll make them beg a little little at first though. :) thanks
~Steve, Arizona
It is rare that a company can provide excellent products, fair pricing and superb customer service but you guys provide all 3 in a big way.  Other companies should use you as a beacon for how to treat customers.
~ N, Texas
I received my order fast and efficiently.  You guys are the best!  I love the new canes and will return to buy more from you.  Thanks!
~ Michelle, San Diego
The canes arrived this morn.  They are very nice, good looking with handles and cord, well balanced and should leave lovely welts.  i am looking forward to Mistresses discipline with them.
~ slave ernie
Wow!! I placed my first order with your company and I am tickled pink,lol!!! Not only was the shipping fast, the quality of the items were superb and the feel...perfect! Thank you very much for the wonderful customer service and you can bet on this...we will order again from your company! A very happy customer and we will be in touch again! Thank You.
Sleepy from Massachusetts

Thank you for the quality items previously ordered by my Dom and myself. Though they do pack a sting, they are a great addition to our small toy collection. We cannot wait to get our next shipment and will be ordering shortly. Again thank you for the quality items that you have sent us. They are all toys that I love to hate. We were also shocked by the fast shipping. I mean wow, we have never ordered and received something we ordered with in three days before. Thank god for tax returns more fun toys ahead hurray (ouch!).
- Jessica from USA
The wonderful toys have arrived this afternoon.  Never in my years of ordering on-line have I experienced this prompt and speedy service - thank you!! I tried out the "Wicked" and the "Wicked Sr".  They are just the greatest.  I can see good use for the enclosed antiseptic wipes.  As for the "Wonder Sticks", they are a clever invention.  I discovered a few uses for them already.  If ever a do-it-yourself person inquires, you can let them know that the "Wicked" and the "Wicked Sr" come highly recommended.  Be sure however to keep plenty antiseptics on hand.  :o) Thanks again.
-Solocane - Kanasas
I just bought the Wonder Paddle 24".  My wife loves it and hates it at the same time.  She is a small woman and wanted a paddle that does both sides at the same time. I could never get her sore enough the way she wants, but this paddle did. At the time she just said keep spanking her, it felt so darn good.  But then it got her so sore, she felt it the next day....Her backside was so red but did not hurt her at all, but left her very sore and red.  Great job Cane-iac!  She now wants to be spanked twice a week instead of one.  Good for me since my wife has a very good back side to spank.  Thanks.
-Robert from Ohio
I would like to say I really love the products on your site.  It is refreshing to see an online store with quality items that are very reasonably priced.  Thank you for creating such quality products.  I do not think the young ladies I punish will thank you, I thank you.
-A Very Satisfied Customer
Many thanks to Cane-iac for doing a wonderful job making our custom paddle.  I had many special requests and the Cane Master was always so nice.  Dallas loved it by the way and it is a great reminder of a very special vacation.  We also love the burgandy strap! It really is one of my favorites.  The Power of Pink cane is beautiful and was perfect in our most recent Amelia-Jane Rutherford video.  Thanks again!
-Dallas & Sabrina (
WOW! Uberfast delivery, spectacular customer service and downright wicked products.  I'm panting in anticipation for my next use with both trepidation and delight.  It's so nice to find quality toys at reasonable prices.  Y'all rock.
-R, North Carolina
"I received my items today (FAST shipping)... the quality EXCEEDED my expectations. I was SO HAPPY, that I … bought something for my friend bday and a "loop cane" for myself. You ROCK!!! and with the MAY SPECIAL, a deal that CAN NOT be beat :) Keep making your products, I will spread the good word (BIG smiles). Thanks again"
-H, California
"Just wanted to state that I have received the canes I ordered. I was very pleased with the product and how it was shipped (took very good care to make sure product was not damaged). I will be ordering again in near future, as I wish a couple paddles and a strap. Thank you for the excellent Sr Canes."
 -M, Canada
"I just wanted to say "Wow" not only did the merchandise get here in under 3 days, but the quality was outstanding. I have never found such a place who honored their customers, ... and I look forward to doing future business with you."
- WE, Washington
"We love your canes!  We were a bit intimidated by the senior, but now we've come to call it our favorite!  It's easy to control and leaves a beautiful mark on the bottom.  Each one has it's own special purpose.  We use them all and enjoy every minute of use.  Please don't stop making such a wonderful product!  We're looking to order a few more items this week.  Thank you for all you do!"
 - DB, Massachusetts
"Oooooooh boy, those are some fabulous canes! thanks for the help, my ass looked like a rainbow. wonderful canes! "
- Angel, North Carolina

"I received my canes and was very impressed with how quickly they arrived and the quality of the product. The case is great for storing them and my little pet can’t wait to enjoy each and every one.  I am sure I will be ordering more soon."

-Sir John,  Utah
"I hate your wooden paddles, totally HATE them. Now I won't be able to sit for a month. You wouldn't believe how much my butt stings. Ok, so I am secretly looking forward to next time. But please don't tell Sir"
- SW, Ohio
"I'm very satisfied with the quality and price of the canes.  I opted out of buying canes from a vendor fair and instead ordered from you.  I'll be back!" 
-B, Virginia
"The items are even better than described.  VERY fast delivery.  I would recommend them to anyone.  A+" 
           -Rob, Connecticut 
"I appreciate your prompt service and high quality products."
-R, Oregon
"Beautiful products, outstanding communication!  I am very, very happy with everything and will buy again for sure!"
-A, New York
"The Happy Birthday spanking paddle is beautiful and the perfect size and weight!  I will be back again and again for more fun toys!"
-Dawn, Florida
"I just wanted to say how delighted Master and i were with Your service and selection when W/we placed O/our first order, and how delightfully surprised W/we were when it arrived a mere two days later!  Thank You so much for Your great service and selection!"
-M, California



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